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Stone artistic working

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DanArt  artistically works precious and not precious stones. Its ability ranges from very big objects like bas-reliefs, architecture pieces and sculptures to very little objects like jewels, for example.
There’s such a great care for details that each object becomes unique and unrepeatable!

It’s possible to have copies of something in existence: in these cases DanArt produces the clay pattern at first, then the plaster cast and finally the stone work.

You can choose the material according to your liking, to colour and to necessity, but  don't forget the stones that our mountains give us. Here - in VCO - you can find the famous Candoglia marble quarry (stone used in the Milan Cathedral), the Baveno pink granite quarry and the Montorfano granite quarry. These materials are very scarce (near Maggiore Lake), so works realized by using them are very precious.

DanArt also produces stairs, fixtures, floors, kitchen’s tops, linings, …; it’s possible to realize objects for gardens like pots, fountains, flower boxes or  interior objects  like mortars, chimneys, keystones, …

It’s possible to engrave anything, to restore monuments and to clean stone objects, after specific assessments of damages and without dust: ideal for interiors!


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